17 Retro AF Things ’80s & 90s Kids Used To Do To Pass The Time

         1. We made (and flew) paper airplanes.

Points if you were stealth enough not to get caught.

       2. We folded our notes into secure little envelopes before tossing or         passing them in class.


        3. Or a heart.

Not as easy as it looks.

        4. We made origami tulips for our friends.

        5. We pop-quizzed our crushes.

        6. We had incredible charm collections.

        7. We twirled telephone cords.

Nervous about texting someone? Imagine only being able to call them (on the telephone) and having their parents or older sister answer.


         8. We played with our pencil toppers.

        9. We made paper footballs.

        10. We kept our pockets full of jumping beans…


        11. …And worry dolls.

        12. We played the doorstop.

        13. We had squirmies.

Actually I'm pretty sure they still sell these at the zoo.

        14. We made friendship pins for each other and messed with them           all. day. long.

        15. We wore coil bracelets.

They made such a satisfying sound when you scratched them with your nail.

        16. We learned who we would marry via cootie catcher.


        17. Or a silent game of MASH.

This totally game totally lies, btw.

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