Here’s what the children from Mrs Doubtfire look like now


Here’s what the cast of the hit 1993 movie ”Mrs Doubtfire” look like now!

ljLisa Jakub

Lisa is now 38 years old. She quit acting in 2000 after being credited to 38 TV roles including Independence Day. She is currently now working as a writer.

“I didn’t hate it. It wasn’t awful and I’m not whining about how hard my life was. Parts of it were really wonderful for a while. But then I got to the point where it just wasn’t fun for me anymore.” 

Matthew LawrenceDoubters

Matthew is now 37 and is still working as an actor. He has 53 TV/film credits to his name and has starred in Boy Meets World as well as the American TV comedy series Melissa and Joey as Tony Longo.

Mara Wilsonmw

Mara is currently 29 years old. She was a major child star appearing in various successful films such as Matilda and Miracle on 34th Street. With 15 TV/Film credits to her name she temporarily quit acting in 2000 for eleven years but made a comeback in 2011 to star in a short film called Missed Connection. She has since done four minor roles since but revealed in 2012 she has no desire to return to acting in films. Maria now appears to live a quiet life in New York. She has released a book on her life and also writes scripts for plays.


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